Advertising Opportunities @ WKTV.LINKJAM.COM

LinkJam offers a wide range of advertising opportunities from web site ads to subscriber emails that you can use to drive customers to your web site and business. Please take a look at a few examples below and contact us if you would like additional information.

Web Site Advertising

There are many advertising opportunities on WKTV.LINKJAM.COM, the largest local web site directory. Advertisements can range from full banner advertising within the Directory pages to micro banners on the Home page. Please contact us to find out more!

E-mail Advertising

We also offer advertising within the NEWS Channel 2 Weather E-mail. Your ad would appear in our subscribers Inbox as part of their daily e-mails.

Desktop Satellite Advertising

In addition to the web site and e-mail advertising you can also reach customers desktops by advertising on the Desktop Satellite. For example, your advertisement would appear in rotation with the weather on the Weather Satellite. For more information please contact us.

Advertising Prices

Placement Format Price*
Web Site Custom
Email Half Banner
Desktop Satellite Custom
Banner Ads
Placement Format Price*
Web Site, Email, Desktop Satellite Full Size Banner, Half Banner, Button Banners

* per month

For more information please contact us.

Free Advertising

To find out how you can advertise for free on WKTV.LINKJAM.COM, please click here.