LinkJam Help

General Help

LinkJam is a free to use service provided by Quadsimia and WKTV as an online resource for the Central NY community.

Currently, this service offers a browseable and searchable directory of CNY websites, the WKTV weather blog, and community discussion forums.

Member Accounts

LinkJam offers the ability for users to create thei own accounts, to remember certain information each time he/she visits the site.  The account is password-protected to keep it accessible only to that user.  Accounts can be updated at any time.

Email addresses are used in account registration and activation,  but are not displayed or given out on the site.  Instead a user screen name and optional avatar (small picture icon) are used to represent members who post comment to blogs and forums.

After registering an account, the email address you use will be sent a confirmatin email with an activation link in it.  Simply, click tis link or cut and paste it into your web browser to activate and begin using your account.  Once activated, your account information is accessible from the top header of the LinkJam site.

Login / Logout :  sign i or out of your LinkJam account.  LinkJam can remember you for future visits, so you may wish to remain logged in.

Register :  guests or users without a new account, may want to register and create their account.

Update :  update information in your account.

Lost : have your password info sent to your email address, so you can access your account.

You are not required to create an account and can use the service a guest.  However, you  may not be able to access all the features/services of LinkJam without one.

(Your information is private and only used  to provide a better user experience when using the LinkJam service. Account information is neither shared or provided to any third parties.)


Blogs are web logs that have author(s) and readers.  Authors can post new entries and in most cases readers can comment on the different entries.  

Blogs use a image verification (CAPTCHA) system to reduce automated attempts to post spam and other inappopriate contenet.  When a user submits a comment to a blog, he or she is required to also provide the letters/numbers in a image code/

RSS feeds are enabled to allow news readers to subscribe to the blog and be updated when new information is posted.

 LinkJam features the very popular  WKTV Weather blog for Central NY.  The meteorologists at WKTV NBC post to this blog quite regularly and encourage readers to engage in the interesting and educational conversations.


Web Site Directories

LinkJam, like Yahoo!, is a directory of links. It is NOT a search engine in the sense that it does not allow you to search individual pages from web sites.

The links are arranged into categories. You can easily click on a category to view links related to that category. In addition to links, categories may contain sub-categories.

A cross-category is located in more than one place in the LinkJam directory. Clicking on a cross-category will take you to its primary location within the LinkJam directory. Cross-categories are convenient for navigating between categories and are denoted by an '@' at the end of the name.

A link belongs to one and only one category. However, with cross-categories and the ability to do searches, it is easy to get to links that you are interested in.


Throughout the entire LinkJam directory you will come across small images displayed next to some of the links. These icons are used to indicate features of that particular link. A summary of the icons and what each one indicates is in the following table:

this link has been recently added to LinkJam.
this link has ecommerce capability, allowing you to order products online
this link has interesting content or style.
this link is one of the most popular in LinkJam determined by the number of people that have checked out this link from LinkJam
this link has especially interesting and/or time relevant information.
* Cool and Featured links are determined by LinkJam Editors.
* New, Shopping, and Hot links are determined by you (LinkJammers).


At the top of LinkJam pages are Special Links to give you quick access to some of the highlighted links within the LinkJam directory. These special links are described as follows:

New Links - provides you a listing of links that have most recently been added to the LinkJam directory. Links are arranged chronologically from newest to oldest. After a given period, the link is no longer considered new and will not be listed on the New Links page but will still be accessible under its proper category or through searches.

Cool Links - provides you a listing of links that the LinkJam Editors have found interesting in content and/or style and recommend to you. These links are arranged by category and change from time to time. What's cool today, may not be cool tomorrow!

Hot Links - provides you a listing of links that are the most popular in LinkJam as determined by users clicking on these links. These popular links are arranged in descending order of popularity. Now you can see what others are most interested in.

Featured Links - similar to cool links but may have extraordinary content or have particular relevancy to this time of year.


Searches can be performed by typing a keyword in the search blank and either pressing ENTER on your keyboard or clicking on the (GO) button. All links that contain your keyword in the link's name, description, and/or URL will be returned to you as matches sorted by the categories that the links are under.

Things to note about searches:

  • Searches are NOT case-sensitive.
  • Search keywords must be at least three (3) characters in length.
  • Search keywords may only contain letters ('A-Z'), digits ('0-9') and dashes ('-').
  • Partial matching is done on searches. (example: searching for 'snow' will match links containing 'snow','snowball' and 'Snowfari'.)


Of course, we always appreciate when LinkJam users suggest or "jam" new links to LinkJam. Jamming a new link is quite easy to do.

  1. First, make sure the link is not already in LinkJam, by doing a search.
  2. Navigate to the category you best think the link belongs in.
  3. Click on the "Jam New Link" option at the bottom of the page.
  4. Fill out the simple suggestion form and press the JAM LINK button.

That's it! The link will not be immediately available until one of our LinkJam Editors reviews and approves your suggestion. This process usually takes from 1 - 2 days depending on the LinkJam Team's workload.

Discussion Forums

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