October in Review

Posted October 31st, 2008 by Matt Lanza. 45 comments

Just figured I'd post a quick refresher entry here now that the revelry of being a Phillies fan has subsided a bit!

October's average temperature was 1.2 degrees below normal... 47.7 degrees compared to 48.9 degrees. So a colder than normal month. Traditionally, cold in autumn is a good harbinger for a colder than normal winter...so we'll see.

October totaled 5.50" of rain. This is 2.03" above normal, but fell short of the top 10 list for wettest Octobers.

October snow totaled 0.5" which was actually 0.1" below normal. Big spenders, right?

Records set in October...

Wettest October 25th: 1.59" (1.28" 1980)
Snowiest October 28th: 0.3" (0.2" 1976)
Coldest October 29th Daytime High: 35 degrees (36, 2000)

With October in the books, we can now take a more aggressive look at winter.

Worth noting...we had an above normal September and below normal October. Winters in the last 60 years that had that sort of autumn were 1952, 1965, 1976, 1977, 2002, and 2003. The average seasonal snowfall of those years? 110", or about 12" above normal....just to chew on. Can you tell I enjoy teasing you guys with these numbers? Seasonal forecasting is tough, but I really enjoy looking at things like this, so no sense in not sharing!

More to come next week...probably after the Election. Enjoy the chilly, but nice weekend!

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  1. Gordon (Northwestern):

    Snow mostly melted at my house now. I trailered my snowmobile up to Tug Hill Thursday and rode about 80 miles. Don‘t often get to snowmobile in October. I saw 3.88” of precipitation for October. Second wettest month of the year at my house.

    Posted November 1st at 12:16 AM

  2. Michael- (Dolgeville):

    28.4 degrees here. Looks like the blog is going to be dead for about a week. At least we have some nice weather to look forward to!

    Posted November 1st at 11:43 PM

  3. Jeff H (Sherburne Hills):

    Very Cold at my house all the way down to 15.6 degrees…...

    Posted November 2nd at 7:56 AM

  4. Tony-CNYWeather.com (Westmoreland):

    Made it down to 21 here in Westmo

    Posted November 2nd at 8:21 AM

  5. Andy Forestport:

    I was wondering if anyone is seeing signs of change to winter after the 15th of november? I see some things suggesting this might happem.

    Posted November 2nd at 9:48 AM

  6. Steve (Vernon):

    Hit 16.8 this morning in Vernon. Coldest night since March

    Posted November 2nd at 10:26 AM

  7. Tony-CNYWeather.com (Westmoreland):

    I see a Weatherunderground station in the Village of Vernon. That yours by chance Steve?

    Posted November 2nd at 1:50 PM

  8. Matt Lanza (Utica):

    Andy: Normalcy would suggest that. But looking closer at things…there are signs that as we go toward mid-month, we‘ll begin again to talk about the NAO and it potentially being negative. I‘m seeing enough signs that it‘s going that way, but not enough to convince me of what kind of block we‘re talking about…a true Greenland Block or something else. We‘re also in the season for storms to cut up the Lakes to our west, which could lead to at least a couple periods of wild temperature swings this month. I would use the 20th as my benchmark right now as the return to true winter, but that‘s a l o n g way off….more on this again after the Election.

    Posted November 2nd at 1:52 PM

  9. Andy Forestport:

    Thanks Matt, I will kep tuned to see what you have to say, sounds like it could get interesting…

    Posted November 2nd at 2:03 PM

  10. Steve (Vernon):

    Tony no that is not my weather station. Oddly enough I live less than half a mile from there. I don‘t have a weather station online yet… but will be an authorized retailer selling Davis, Lacrosse and Oregon Scientific soon.

    Posted November 2nd at 7:21 PM

  11. Tony-CNYWeather.com (Westmoreland):

    Retailer?? Cool. I‘ll be looking for some more equipment soon.

    Posted November 2nd at 7:31 PM

  12. Becky (West Leyden):

    It looks like Kansas and the surrounding areas could see quite a bit of severe weather Wednesday. The storm system Will bring supercells and tornadoes to parts of the plains

    Posted November 2nd at 11:32 PM

  13. snoX (westmo):

    GORDON im way off topic but ridding sleds during hunting season on the tug is a big NO NO! and aginst the law. but the main thing is it really Tees of the land owners and they will close the trails down for the whole winter as they have done before! Im just trying to inform you not bash you so plz dont take it the wrong way and for everyone els sorry for posting off topic

    Posted November 3rd at 9:26 AM

  14. Rodney(Brookfiled):

    I totally agree. THAT is very unsafe and very SCARY for us hunters. We need to be safe out there guys!

    Posted November 3rd at 12:37 PM

  15. MikeD:

    Did some trail work near Clayville this AM and it was kinda cold and blustery. Drove the 10 miles back to Utica and it was totally different. Maybe that left over snowpack up there kept the lid on the temperature.

    Posted November 3rd at 2:07 PM

  16. MikeD:

    SnoX, aren‘t those SEASONAL ROADS up there on the Tug so it doesn‘t really matter? If they are, then it is no different than driving your truck through there. Just wondering and not calling you out. Down here you are 100% correct about it being a no no and also upsetting the landowners. Sorry to get off topic as well.

    Posted November 3rd at 2:14 PM

  17. snoX (westmo):

    MIKE D yes some are some arnt but they dont want you ridding until dec.5th or something like that

    Posted November 3rd at 3:06 PM

  18. Mike S (Port Leyden):

    You can ride on the unmaintained roads legally, just you‘ll make 1 or 2 people angry. You‘ve got people who only care about what they want to do, and nothing else.

    Posted November 3rd at 4:14 PM

  19. GowettFilmsCEO (Taberg):

    on Saturday will the thounderstorms be strong or severe?

    Posted November 3rd at 6:03 PM

  20. teamx:

    seasonal roads are open to sleds you just cant ride the trails

    Posted November 3rd at 6:42 PM

  21. Matt Lanza (Utica):

    New entry is up!

    Posted November 3rd at 9:48 PM

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